Friday, 13 October 2017

Riverdale Came Back with a Bang!

Nobody saw this coming! Riverdale returned to a series high 0.8 rating on The CW, beating its series debut by .3 of a tenth. The show has become somewhat of an online phenomenon and has accumulated a legion of fans who have rooted for the show since it debut earlier this year. Riverdale also has a lucrative worldwide streaming deal with Netflix and, while Netflix does not officially post its number, due to the heavy promotion the show has received and The CW's continued support, the show must be doing well and despite its low linear ratings, must be turning a profit for Warner Bros.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

HTGAWM Is Back... Where The Hell Were You?

How To Get Away With Murder's fourth season returned after its mediocre third season. The premiere episode was surprisingly good, mostly because of the stellar performances from Viola Davis and Cicely Tyson (any episode guest starring Tyson automatically becomes a favourite of mine). However, the shows ratings declined sharply from its season premiere a year ago (1.0 vs. 1.4) despite having Grey's Anatomy as its lead in. Basically, this is terrible and suggests a large majority of the show's fans have jumped ship! And for a heavily serialised show like HTGAWM, it is almost impossible to win fans back after they've left.

NBC! NBC! Good for you! The peacock had a great Thursday night with the return of its 2 hour comedy block (not named Must See TV this time though :/) Will & Grace heavily promoted return posted a 3.0 rating (I predicted 3.5, but this is still fantastic!) The Good Place scored a 1.4, up a tenth from its double-episode premiere last week, and Superstore remained relatively steady. The only real loser on NBC on Thursday night was Great News, which, blessed with Tina Fey's presence and having Will & Grace as a lead in, only managed to pull a 1.3, which, despite being up a tenth from its season 1 premiere, is less than half of the audience who tuned in for Will & Grace... I wonder how long it will take for NBC to swap The Good Place and Great News?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

What Happened to Empire?

Empire was once a gigantic hit and a major pop culture phenomenon but now, in its fourth season which premiered yesterday (27 September 2017), the show scored a 2.4 18-49 rating down from the 4.2 rating it scored last September. Where have all the viewers gone? Why have so many people given up on Empire? The news wasn't all bad for Lee Daniels and Fox, Star returned up with a 1.8 rating, its highest rating since its premiere (2.2) in which it also had Empire as a lead in.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

This Is Us Makes A Triumphant Return

Last season's breakout hit This Is Us posted a series high 3.9 18-49 rating and over 12 million viewers, making the season 2 premiere a series high! Audiences and critics clearly love the show and the increase from last season shows they are in it for the long run (hopefully). I thought the season 2's premiere was cute - the cast were all on point, the writing was as soppy and melodramatic as it usually is, and the writers managed to set up the mystery of how Jack died perfectly (HTGAWM is shook).

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The 2017-18 TV Season Officially Begins!

The 2017-18 TV season officially launched today (25th September 2017) with the launch of several new series as well as the return of many beloved shows. Some of the new debuts included ABC's new medical drama The Good Doctor which premiered to a 2.2 rating , improving on it's lead in Dancing With The Stars by a tenth. CBS also launched Young Sheldon, the spin off series of The Big Bang Theory which drew a colossal 3.8 rating and 17.2 million viewers! The premiere was the most viewed since the premiere of 2 Broke Girls in 2011 and had the highest 18-49 premiere rating for a comedy since the Robin Williams starer The Crazy Ones  in 2013.

The other new series debuts; Me, Myself and I (CBS, 1.7, 7.4 million viewers) and The Brave (NBC, 1.4, 6.2 million) were fairly disappointing, especially the latter which had The Voice as a lead in. NBC still seems adamant to find the next Blacklist by placing high-budged and high concept serial dramas after the music competition show, all of which have either had a sharp decline after they are moved from the slot or cancelled completely.

Will The Brave's poor performance be an indicator of American audiences not being interested in military themed shows? Perhaps the feel good nature of the two breakout hits The Good Doctor and Young Sheldon are actually what the country wants to watch? 

UPDATE (27/09/2017): CBS has picked up Young Sheldon for a FULL SEASON making it the FIRST to receive the back 9. Though I'm not a fan of TBBT I thought Young Sheldon was a great comedy pilot. Despite it being a spin-off of CBS's biggest hit, it doesn't feel "on-brand" for the network, and would probably fare well on ABC (maybe that's why I liked it).

Monday, 14 August 2017

Shonda Rhimes Leaves ABC For Netflix

Another red flag for ABC. Their drama hit maker Shonda Rhimes is officially exiting her deal with ABC Studios and is migrating to Netflix.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Disney to Start New Streaming Service in 2019, Netflix to Lose Content

Here's some good and bad news. Disney will be launching its own Disney-branded streaming service in 2019.