Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cuban Fury - Review

Nick Frost stars as a former child salsa prodigy in an average rom-com

By Gregory Robinson

To many audiences around the world, although this film will most likely be seen by UK audiences only, there are some films which can have outlandish and creative plots; with various dips, twists and turns to engage the view to stay in their cinema seat and watch the beginning, middle and end of the film they paid £7.50 for. (or maybe because they actually enjoy the film...).

Cuban Fury is by no means an unwatchable, disappointing film to which I should try and retrieve the cost of my ticket. The plot is extremely simple and is basically follows Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz) as an overweight and unassuming engineer Bruce Garrett who falls in love with his American boss played by Rashida Jones (Parks & Recreation) who also happens to have a soft-spot for the 'dance named after a dip' . Miraculously, Bruce and Sister happen to be former champions of Salsa and in order to impress his new love interest, decides to refute the ideas of his former childhood bullies and reclaim his love for Salsa, all while his main nemesis (all underdog movies require one...) Played by Chris O'Dowd plays a rather formulaic, overtly sexual frustrated and, quite frankly, annoying obstruction in Bruce's pursuit of his cotton candy crush.

The screenplay is pretty flimsy and one-note, almost to the point where you can predict each character's next line. On the other hand, Kayvan Novak, who plays Bruce's very own source of optimism steals a couple of scenes and ultimately provides the first genuine laughs (and most...) in Cuban Fury.

The main message of Cuban Fury is to not let close-minded, big and brash bullies; whether they are school students or fellow employees to prevent you from achieving your dreams. We must all be proud of our sequined shirts and Salsa with pride.

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