Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dependent Alien

Thoughtful Thursday

We all like to think of ourselves as independent - a one-some, a diamond in the rough, or our very own haven. But do we really depend on ourselves as much as we should or could? confusing, right? Don't worry, this post will not be a philosophy lesson or a trip into the psych of human behaviour and what not, just a tale to tell.

The clouds were crying tears of pain as I rushed down the narrow stairs for break. The joy I feel on Wednesdays because I finish early in immeasurable. Who knew it was still light outside this time of year?! when you're stuck inside a classroom for an hour and a half, time seems to tick...tick...tick... Anyway, I rushed down stairs because something special was about to happen. An exciting prospect, a messiah had come to town and I was going to meet him, I was going to greet him, shake his hand and tell him my dreams and ambitions. Well, actually this 'messiah' was actually a journalist, author and documentary film maker. "holy shizzle" I thought to myself as I was trampled and squashed by the hoards of hungry and hormonal teenagers in the corridors. The man (no, I don't know his name - we'll call him JAD)  "JAD" was everything I aspired to be. He was my dream man
Okay, before you get any ideas, I don't know what JAD looks like, whether he's tall or stout, grey haired or cheery. I raced down to the lower ground floor to attend a meeting with my future idol. you see, JAD was going to give a presentation about his job(s) and what its like to work in such a cutthroat industry. When I finally reached the room, my heart sank. In front of the transparent, sliding doors I could see a large group of students, ready to occupy the food-stained seats in front of a large projector. I searched the crowd relentlessly, looking for a friendly face to converse with, trade ideas and thoughts about what the presentation, how hungry we were and maybe - just maybe - the possibility of refreshments.

Scared of being lonely, I ran back upstairs (four flights!) to the tip top of the tower (it's not actually a tower, but it seemed like it at the time) attempting to persuade anyone I could to come to the presentation with me so I wouldn't look like a loner at the back of the class, struggling to read the text on the board because of the fear I have of my glasses (I strongly believe they make your eyes worse than they actually are, its true!). Worst of all - I dreaded the thought of my stomach grumbling and growling as Mr JAD reported on his journey through life. All of the trials and tribulations of his childhood (you know, braces, puberty and stuff). I don't know why, but my stomach always seems to argue with my mouth for not filling it with food in the most awkward situations.

I sprinted up-and-down the building for about 20 minutes. I chickened out of going to the presentation because I couldn't find anyone to go with me - I scared of being independent in that situation and relying on myself. I felt like an alien. An alien who failed to inhabit the vessel of ambition to take over and rule the world with a scrawny fist (Hollywood, here I come with my movie pitch! CAUTION: Not based on a book)

The moral of this story is NOT to be a Dependent Alien - take every opportunity which comes your way like a wild dog on a leash. Guide your own destiny (this is getting way too deep).

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