Friday, 7 February 2014

Sochi Winter Olympics begin as anti-gay laws increase violence

The law banning the promotion of 'homosexual propaganda' leads to innocent gay people being attacked with urine in the streets of Russia.

                                                                  LGBT protestors in Russia. (I don't own the rights to this image)
By Gregory Robinson 

As the world's eyes focus on Russia as they host the winter Olympics, an alarming breach of human rights and equality is committed each day. There has been a sharp surge in violent homophobic attacks in the country following a new law condemning 'homosexual propaganda' - which in simple terms is "the refusal to advocate a positive outlook on homosexuality".
Last year, the country placed a 100 year ban on gay pride parades, further rebuking all celebration and acknowledgment on the gay community. This in turn has lead to further oppression, as well as violence towards a minority group who just want to be accepted by their country.
The ban prohibits all teachings of a "non-traditional" lifestyle to minors as many in the country believe this may "harm" the next generation. in fact, 73% of the Russian population supported the new law obstructing gay people to be free in their own communities and forced to hide away from the rest of the population due to who they are attracted too.
Despite the new laws enforced by Putin, the media around the world have covered the extreme violence and abuse LGBT youth face just for expressing their sexuality.
An anti LGBT group, who go by the name of Occupy Paedophilia relish in the punishment and abuse they inflict on anyone who is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered.  According to these hate groups, they hope to "reform" the youth.
According to a report by The Guardian, LGBT activists have reported right-wing groups have decided to use social networking websites to "hunt" and "ambush" gay people, many of them just teenagers. They are then lured into meetings, promised "fun" and "friendship" with whom they believe to be another LGBT youth before the humiliating act of pouring urine over them on camera - followed by punches and slaps and derogatory terms. In some cases, the bigots who commit these acts threaten to inform the parents of closeted teens of their sexuality.
Gay people in Russia have been forced into a life of secrecy and due to the negative attitudes of a large proportion of the country, have taken the lives of recluses; scared to leave their homes all due to fear of being heckled and humiliated in the streets.
Unfortunately, this has also led to an increase in youth suicide, especially in those who identify as LGBT.
I highly doubt there will be a positive change in Russia any time soon; despite the increased media coverage around the world on the injustice which is a daily occurrence there leading up to the Olympics, Putin seems to be turning a blind eye.


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