Tuesday, 15 July 2014

ABC Snaps a 'Selfie' With New Comedy Series.

By Gregory Robinson

ABC has revealed more details regarding their new romantic comedy 'Selfie'. The single-camera comedy, which stars Doctor Who alum Karen Gilan and John Cho from the cult classic Harold & Kumar, is a modern/contemporary take on the academy award winning musical 'My Fair Lady'.

The series follows the live of Eliza Dooley (Gilan), a vapid and social media obsessed woman, who enlists the help of a marketing expert Henry Higgins (Cho) who works as a marketing manager at the company their both work for to help Eliza realise that being 'liked' doesn't actually mean you are liked.

Series creator Emily Kapnek, who also created the underappreciated quirky comedy 'Suburgatory' said "Eliza has her flaws. Henry does too. Our pilot is where the series begins, the show is about evolution of the characters".

The undeniably modern comedy could not arrive at a better time - with the number of social media apps increasing at an alarming rate (from Facebook and Twitter, to Snap Chat and Tinder). Can only lead to a rise in individuals who become famous in their own right - or, 'instafamous' (see Instagram)

Kapnek said "I know plenty of people who are forever connected to their phones", which seemed to be the catalyst for the creation of the series.

'Selfie' will premiere on Tuesday, September 30 @ 8/7c on ABC.

Check out the official trailer below!

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