Sunday, 13 July 2014

Constantine vaporises character, adds mysterious comic book addition

The Upcoming NBC fantasy-drama series 'Constantine' has retired one of its former lead characters.

By Gregory Robinson

'Liv', the original female lead, was played by Lucy Griffiths (True Blood) in the original pilot has been terminated. However, rather than recast the role, a new character will take her place.

The surprising exit is said to be due to 'creative changes' behind the scenes of the show. 

Telemundo star Angelica Celaya will play 'Zed', who originated from the original Hellblazer comic series in which Constantine is based. 

Zed is described as a fan-favourite; an artist who met Constantine in a London alley way and eventually became allies. 

NBC's Constantine is gearing up for a major launch later this year. In the coming weeks, the pilot episode will be screened at Comic Con 2014 ahead of its official primetime, Friday night launch following NBC's equally scary procedural 'Grimm'. 

Are you still looking forward to this spooky comic book drama? Will the show benefit from featuring more characters from the cult-following comic books? 

Constantine is slated to premiere on Friday, October 24 @ 10/9c on NBC!

Check out the trailer below:


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