Sunday, 13 July 2014

Incest is 'hot' in MTV's 'Happyland'

MTV's new comedy explores theme parks, rides and sibling relations...

MTV released a teaser of their upcoming series 'Happyland' during their TCA meeting on Friday (July 11).

The promo for the soapy teen comedy, which follows the exploits of the employees at a popular theme park, features lead character Lucy - played by Bianca Santos - has a make out session with the theme parks new resident hottie/character actor Ian, who just so happens to be *SPOILER ALERT* her brother. 

Questions towards the cast and crew, understandably, erupted into the topic of incest and how this may, or may not relate to future story lines. Santos said "Incest is hot and we're all going to have fun..."

In October 2013, MTV ordered Happyland and Faking It to series, both with an 8-episode order. Both comedies are geared towards the audience of MTV's only other successful comedy, Awkward, which returns with brand new episodes in September. 

All three shows address the complexities of teenage relationships; promiscuous, falsely homosexual and incestious galore!  

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