Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Angel From Hell CBS's conflicted new sitcom

ANGEL FROM HELL (single camera)
Picked up to series
TEAM: Tad Quill (w, ep)
LOGLINE: When Amy enters Allison’s life and claims to be her guardian angel, they form an unlikely friendship, and Allison can’t be sure if Amy is an angel or just nuts.
CAST: Jane Lynch, Maggie Lawson

Well, what do we have here? Now that Jane Lynch's starring role on Fox's formerly prosperous musical dramedy Glee came to a tragic end earlier this year without anyone taking any notice, Lynch has transitioned from a grumpy old football coach to a weird old, possibly mad, Angel From Hell. Maggie Lawson, whose last starring role was in the bland ABC family sitcom Back in the Game, plays Allison, and another familiar face from other quickly cancelled sitcoms Kyle Bornheimer create a ensemble in this CBS sitcom.
Angel From Hell is definitely not an amazing pilot. Nor is it a funny one. The pilot tries way too hard to be quirky and different while remaining bland and predictable. Single-Camera comedy is not known to be successful on CBS, which has found success in multi-camera, throwback style sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. While watching the show, it's difficult not to imagine how the concept would translate to a multi-camera format. It might have made the show funny.
Unfortunately, the Angel From Hell is a conflicted sitcom. On one hand, it is off-brand due to it being single-camera but manages to be dull at the same time. The chemistry between Lynch and Lawson is the only saving grace for the show. Lynch's possibly drunk, possibly mad, possibly holy character, who is more or less a hippy-ish, carefree laidback woman contrasts Lawson's rigid and workaholic character. Once you take away any aspect of it's "high concept", Angel From Hell is merely a fairly standard odd couple comedy.
I don't believe Angel From Hell will be a hit for CBS. Recently, they have made a push to try and find a single-camera hit, possibly to attract a younger generation of viewers. On the other hand, much like The Crazy Ones, I think this show will face an early sacrifice without the possibility for a resurrection (translation: expect Mike and Molly or 2 Broke Girls to replace the show after three or four episodes...)

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