Thursday, 28 January 2016

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Deserves A Second Date

Musicals are fun. Comedies are fun. So why not put both genres together and bring them to the small screen. Musical comedy! A new frontier! Well, ABC tried it last season with their so-so musical fantasy musical extravaganza Galavant, which made little impact with viewers. But. That hasn't stopped The CW, which is commonly known as the home for dramas, and most recently, sci-fi and comic book dramas, have taken a new musical hour long comedy, known appropriately as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a chance to pop. But why isn't Crazy Ex-Girlfriend more popular? Or should I say, why aren't the dashing Galavant and the self-proclaimed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend warranting more second dates with viewers...

First of all, I'll let Crazy Ex-Girlfriend give you a little description of herself before we take the next step. Rebecca Bunch (played by series creator Rachel Bloom) is a single woman who still longs for her longtime soul mate Josh, who dumped her after their summer fling during summer camp in 2005. In 2015, after being inspired by a TV commercial for a butter spread, she restarts her pursuit of Josh after she spots him in New York City. When he tells her that he is moving to West Covina, California ("Just two hours from the beach, four hours in traffic"), Rebecca decides to move there too, hoping that it will give her a fresh start and bring her closer to Josh. Rebecca is hired by Darryl Whitefeather as a partner at his West Covina law firm, buys herself a house, and washes her pills down the sink. She quickly becomes friends with her co-worker Paula and apathetic neighbor Heather, while forming a complicated on-again-off-again relationship with Josh's friend Greg.

So there we have it. A fairly standard, romcom set up. Although, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a whole lot more than a relentless psycho ex (who Rachel may also be). Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a extravagant, outrageous and totally crazy roller coaster ride filled with oddball songs, quirky vignettes and YouTube style viral inspired videos, and a leading actress who becomes undisputedly   engrossed in her role. Rebecca Bloom IS Rebecca Bunch. I can't remember the last time I've seen a comic actress play crazy so well, in fact maybe a little too well. 

And at least one person must agree with me considering the fact Rachel Bloom one a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy, following in the footsteps of fellow critical but under-watched darling Jane The Virgin, which happened to score The CW their first major award win in the same category last year.

But in the context of the show, which of course is unbelievable, even in a post-Jane-The-Virgin-world, you can't help but become just as engrossed in the character. Although Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is not perfect by any means (not yet anyway) it certainly has enough creativeness and imagination to be on par with a show like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with enough plucking, waxing and preening.

The CW seems to be dedicated to their Crazy Ex-Girlfriend after the show rebounded from premium cable channel Showtime and was quickly matched with a new partner. Despite the low ratings, The CW gave Crazy Ex-Girlfriend five back additional dates bringing the total episode order to 18. Following her Golden Globe win, Bloom exclaimed "The CW has supported us creatively every step of the way. All those things you hear about networks trying to stifle creativity - CW lets creators create and gives us freedom. I think the CW is fan f---ing tastic!"

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may not be to everyone's tastes. It may be too crazy or weird for some folk, but the only way to enjoy this show is to give in to the craziness of a successful woman leaving her life behind for true/imaginary love! Give this eccentric but charming little show a chance at a first date, you may like it and decide to call it back next week. <3

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Power Rangers Ninja Steel: News & Updates | PREMIERES JAN 21



A sad day. Ninja Steel wraps filming today! Congratulations to the cast for being part of such an iconic franchise!

Power Rangers Ninja Steel premiers TODAY! Check out the opening theme song here:

UPDATE 13 (25/01/2017)

Gold Ranger Revealed? Is Webbie the new Gold Ranger? Is he playing Aidan (Brody's brother). 

UPDATE 12 (19/01/2017)

Check out the Ninja Steel theme song and another teaser for the season premier:

UPDATE 11 (23/12/2016)

Ninja Steel has officially wrapped filming! Congrats to the cast.

UPDATE 10 (20/12/2016)

Ninja Steel will premiere on January 21 2017 on Nickelodeon. Check out the titles and plots of the first two episodes, per Nick and More

UPDATE 9 (10/12/2016)

Check out the first trailer for Power Rangers Ninja Steel

UPDATE 8 (05/11/2016)

Mike Edward will be playing the rangers' mentor

UPDATE 7 (04/10/2016)

Chris Reid will be portraying the Gold ranger in Ninja Steel.

UPDATE 6 (25/09/2016)

Filming has begun!

UPDATE 5 (17/09/2016)

Chantz Simpson has left the show. The role of Calvin will now be played by Nico Greetham. This is the third time a Saban era yellow ranger has been recast (Trini / Maya ).

UPDATE 4 (03/09/2016)

Could this be Uncle Zane? Chris Sean Reid has been cast in Power Rangers Ninja Steel!

UPDATE 3 (18/08/2016)

Caleb Bendit has been cast in an unknown role... I wonder who he could be?!

UPDATE 2 (13/08/2016) The cast has been revealed!

William Shewfelt as Brody (Red Ranger)
Chrysti Ane Lopes as Sarah (Pink Ranger)
Chantz Simpson as Calvin (Yellow Ranger)
Zoe Robins as Hayley (White Ranger)
Peter Sudarso as Preston (Blue Ranger)

Ninja Steel is the first Power Rangers season to feature TWO actors of Black heritage on the same team. Both Chantz and Zoe are mixed race. Furthermore, Peter is of Indonesian descent and Chrysti Ane is the first Latina Pink Ranger! Congratulations to the cast.

It's official! The new season of Power Rangers will air on Nickelodeon and will be titled Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Saban Brands has renewed their partnership with Nickelodeon through 2018 which suggests there will also be a "super" Ninja Steel season with the same cast, characters etc. much to many fans' dismay. Ninja Steel will be based on the Japanese series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and will premiere the same year the big, blockbuster Power Rangers movie is set to be released to theatres.

Here is the official synopsis:

"Saban's Power Rangers Ninja Steel starts deep in space, where Zircon is the reigning champion of the most popular intergalactic game show in the universe, and monsters battle to prove who is the mightiest warrior. Zircon is determined to become invincible by controlling the mythical Spirit Crystal, which contains six supernatural Ninja Power Throwing Stars. The only thing standing in his way is a new team of heroic teenage Power Rangers who possess the Spirit Crystal. The evil Zircon sends his warrior contestants down to Earth to steal the Crystal, where each epic battle against the Rangers is broadcast throughout the universe. Together, the Rangers must master their arsenal of Throwing Stars, Zords and Megazords, each made of legendary ninja steel, in order to stop this evil threat and save our planet from destruction."

UPDATE (11/05/2016) - Casting and production sides have revealed Ninja Steel is returning the Power Rangers setting to high school! Yes, after Megaforce in 2013, the Power Rangers will be high school students. Also, two new slapstick/comic relief characters called Vince and Morty will play a comedic duo. Yes, they appear to be looking for a new Bulk & Skull.

Vince - tall, buff, handsome and funny. He has a chiselled look, an athletic build, but is as dumb as a rock. He is the most popular kid in school and his arrogance rises to comedic heights. Morty is his sidekick...

Morty - unathletic, great comedic abilities, and a devious streak. Morty is the geekiest kid in school, he is the long suffering subservient and envious sidekick of Vince, the most popular kid in school...

Ninja Steel will begin filming in September in New Zealand.

UPDATE (26/05/2016) IGN's Snapchat account revealed the Ninja Steel Logo!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Netflix Announces Premiere Dates For: Orange Is The New Black, Flaked, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and More

Netflix announced the premiere dates for several new series and returning comedies. Among the announcements includes the highly anticipated fourth season of Orange Is The New Black, and the second seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Grace & Frankie. Also among the announcements are new series Flaked, Love and The Ranch.

Flaked – Premieres globally Friday, March 11, 2016 at 12:01 AM PT
Flaked is the serio-comic story of Chip, a celebrated long-time resident of the insular world of Venice, California who falls for the object 1of his best friend’s fascination. Soon the tangled web of half-truths and semi-bullshit that underpins his all-important image and sobriety begins to unravel. Five-time Emmy Award nominee Will Arnett plays Chip, a man doing his honest best to stay one step ahead of his own lies. The series also stars David Sullivan, Ruth Kearney and George Basil. Executive producers Will Arnett and Mark Chappell (The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret) co-created and co-wrote the 8-episode series. Ben Silverman (founder and chairman of Electus), Peter Principato and Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development) also serve as executive producers on the show. Electus and Principato-Young are providing production services. Flaked is a Netflix production.
The Ranch – First 10-episodes premiere globally Friday, April 1, 2016 at 12:01 AM PT
Set in present day on a Colorado ranch, this multi-camera comedy series stars Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Sam Elliott and Debra Winger. The show follows Colt’s (Kutcher) return home after a brief and failed semi- pro football career to run the family ranching business with his older brother Jameson “Rooster” (Masterson) and father Beau (Elliott), whom he hasn’t seen in 15 years. Winger stars as Colt’s and Rooster’s mother, Maggie, who runs the local town bar. The Ranch is executive produced by Don Reo (Two and Half Men, My Wife and Kids) and Jim Patterson (Two and a Half Men, Mike and Molly). Kutcher and Masterson serve as executive producers and co-executive producer respectively.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Second installment premieres globally Friday, April 15, 2016 at 12:01 AM PT
After living in a cult for fifteen years, Kimmy (Ellie Kemper – The Office) decides to reclaim her life and start over in New York City. Armed with just a backpack, light-up sneakers, and a couple of way-past-due library books, she’s ready to take on a world she didn’t even think existed anymore. Wide-eyed but resilient, nothing is going to stand in her way. She quickly finds a new job (working for 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski), a new roommate (Tituss Burgess – 30 Rock), and a new beginning. The cast also includes Lauren Adams, Sara Chase, Sol Miranda and Emmy winner Carol Kane (Taxi, The Princess Bride). The first season of this acclaimed comedy was nominated for an Emmy.

Grace and Frankie – Second installment premieres globally Friday, May 6, 2016 at 12:01 AM PT
GF_EP103_MM_082914_0385.CR2Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star as Grace and Frankie, two women whose lives are suddenly turned upside down when their husbands, played by Martin Sheen (“Robert”) and Sam Waterston (“Sol”), reveal they are gay and leave them for each other. Both sparring partners and partners-in-crime, they form an unlikely bond to face an uncertain future together and discover a new definition of “family,” with laughter, tears and plenty of mood enhancers along the way. From executive producers Marta Kauffman (Friends) and Howard J. Morris (Home Improvement), the hilarious and heartbreaking comedy takes on aging with gusto – from joint pain to joint rolling and blind dates to night blindness – and offers a poignant look at how life’s turning points show us who we really are. The series also stars Brooklyn Decker, Ethan Embry, Baron Vaughn and June Diane Raphael. In addition to Kauffman and Morris, the series is also executive-produced by David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Marcy Ross from Skydance Productions, along with Paula Weinstein and Fonda and Tomlin.
Orange is the New Black  Fourth installment premieres Friday, June 17, 2016 at 12:01 AM PT
Ready to do a little more time with the ladies of Litchfield? The outrageous, award-winning and critically-acclaimed series from Emmy winner Jenji Orange is the New BlackKohan stars Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba, Laura Prepon, Kate Mulgrew, Natasha Lyonne, Laverne Cox, Dascha Polanco, Michael Harney, Danielle Brooks, Taryn Manning, Selenis Leyva, Yael Stone, Nick Sandow, Samira Wiley, Lea DeLaria, Jackie Cruz, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Adrienne Moore. Lionsgate Television produces the series.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Disney Channel Announces Premiere Date for New Comedy "Stuck in the Middle"

Disney Channel has announced the premiere date for its new family comedy "Stuck in the Middle". The series, which is the first Disney Channel show to feature a predominately Latino cast, will premiere on Friday February 14th following the network premiere of the world's biggest animated phenomenon, "Frozen". "Stuck in the Middle" is also the first single-camera comedy to premiere on Disney Channel since the short lived JONAS series in 2009. Check out the press release below

Disney Channel Announces Preview and Premiere Episodes of Family Comedy Series “Stuck in the Middle”

#1 Animated Feature of All Time, Disney’s “Frozen,” to be Presented for the First Time Ever on Disney Channel

Jenna Ortega (“Jane The Virgin” and “Elena of Avalor”) stars as inventive tween Harley Diaz, the middle child in a bustling household of nine, in the engaging, single-camera comedy series “Stuck in the Middle.” A full episode preview will air SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14 (8:45 p.m. EST) on Disney Channel, immediately following the channel’s premiere of Disney’s Academy Award®-winning animated film “Frozen” (7:00 p.m. EST). Linda Videtti Figueiredo (“Rules of Engagement” and “Last Man Standing”) serves as executive producer. The series was created by Alison Brown (“Dog With A Blog”).

The “Stuck in the Middle” preview episode will be on WATCH Disney Channel and, available to users on tablets, phones, set top boxes and computers, beginning Sunday, February 14.

“Stuck in the Middle” will air in its regular time slot beginning FRIDAY, MARCH 11 (9:00 p.m. EST) on Disney Channel.

Told from Harley’s point of view, the slice of life stories find humor in everyday life as this middle child devises creative ways to cope with – and stand out – in her family’s busy suburban Massachusetts household. The Diaz parents, Suzy and Tom, also have six other kids: Rachel the self-involved eldest; Georgie, a basketball-playing teen; Ethan, Harley’s closest ally; invincible and indestructible twins Lewie and “Beast”; and the strong-willed youngest sibling, Daphne.
In the preview episode, avid inventor Harley is all set to accept a community award, but must first devise a way to get her family out of the house and to the ceremony on time.

In addition to Jenna Ortega, the series stars Isaak Presley (“Austin & Ally”) as Ethan Diaz, Ronni Hawk as Rachel Diaz, Kayla Maisonet (“Dog With A Blog”) as Georgie Diaz, Nicolas Bechtel (“General Hospital”) as Lewie Diaz, Malachi Barton (“The Young and the Restless”) as “Beast” Diaz, Ariana Greenblatt (“Liv and Maddie”) as Daphne Diaz, Cerina Vincent (“Mike and Molly”) as Suzy Diaz, and Joe Nieves (“How I Met Your Mother”) as Tom Diaz.

The series is from Horizon Productions, Inc., and carries a TV-G parental guideline.
Disney Channel is a 24-hour kid-driven, family-inclusive television network that taps into the world of kids and families through original series and movies. Currently available on basic cable in over 96 million U.S. homes and to millions of other viewers on Disney Channels around the world, Disney Channel is part of the Disney | ABC Television Group.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Let's Remember... Suburgatory

The third season of ABCs quirky family comedy Suburgatory premiered two years ago today (January 15 2014).

RIP Suburgatory

ABC 2015-16 Season Analysis

Gregory's Thoughts

ABC had a strong 2014-15 season and continued to set the standard for soapy dramas and family comedies on broadcast television. While their shows garner critical acclaim and large followings, ABC has yet to deliver a new show which maintains high ratings over many seasons (a la Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family et al).

Last season ABC added critically acclaimed comedies; Black-ish, and the second Asian-American sitcom in broadcast network history, Fresh off the Boat, which also broke the ABC mid-season comedy curse and is currently enjoying another critically acclaimed, triumphant season. In early 2015, ABC also premiered the critically acclaimed anthology drama American Crime and the buzzy surprise hit Secrets & Lies.

Unfortunately, ABC appears to be stuck in a rut of having critically acclaimed, boundary pushing series which lack big ratings. Shows like fantasy musical extravaganza Galavant and the Marvel produce 1940s set spy drama dAgent Carter have failed to meet expectations and other additions like The Muppets failed to live up to its hype. ABC still has a lot of promising shows benched for mid-season including mystery political drama The Family, Shondaland drama The Catch and the quirky coming out family comedy The Real O'Neals.

The main problem I see arising for ABC is their growing dependency on older hit shows and their apparent inability to create new ones. Grey's Anatomy, which is still very strong despite its age, will have to leave the schedule at some point, How To Get Away With Murder has lost some steam but remains a solid ratings performer, Scandal remains steady but dramas like Bones, Agents of Shield and practically all 10pm Tuesday shows are failing. Quantico, ABC's HTGAWM inspired CIA breakout drama of the season managed to escape the dreaded Tuesday slot to Sundays where it has found some success, but could (and in my opinion should) achieve higher ratings. Once Upon a Time is aging while Nashville is hanging on by a thread, Friday night comedy duo Last Man Standing/Dr Ken are doing well but could be improved, however, ABC has bigger problems to solve.

Development Slate

Unusually for ABC, there seems to be a deficiency of strong projects, although this appears to be a problem affecting all networks this development season. There are hardly any big surprises or out of the box ideas but, ABC appears to be sticking to what its good at; soaps, female-driven cop shows, family comedies, and of course Shonda dramas.

What Does ABC Need Next Season?

1. One or two new comedies, preferably family comedies because the genre has become ABC's forte. For the past several seasons, ABC has been trying relentlessly to make a strong Tuesday comedy block to now avail. While Fresh off the Boat has been a successful self-starter, it needs another sitcom to bolster it in order to become a unbreakable block in the same way Modern Family and The Middle have been parallel anchors since 2009. Plus, the latter shows are aging and are not owned by ABC. The more successful, in-house shows ABC produces over the next few seasons, the better.

2. Successful bridge shows; Agent Carter and Galavant have been critical darlings but have failed to achieve large ratings success. The concept of bridge shows is a intriguing idea which has yet to truly be successful.

3. Although not as high on the list of needs, another Shondaland drama or two wouldn't hurt ABC's schedule. Scandal, HTGAWM, and Grey's Anatomy seem to be in it for the long haul and the upcoming mid-season drama The Catch appears to have strong buzz leading up to its premiere. Shonda's formula has proven to be successful so, the more Shonda, the better.

3. Now that dramedy cop show Castle is almost out of steam, it would be wise for ABC to replace the show with another light hearted drama

UPDATE: ABC has cancelled Nashville. The Real O'Neals is the sixth new ABC comedy to be renewed alongside Fresh Off The Boat, Modern Family, Black-Ish, The Goldbergs and The Middle!

Empire Renewed

This should come as a surprise to no one. Due to big ratings and a Golden Globe win has led to an early renewal for Fox's flagship drama and pop-culture phenomenon Empire.

Fox TV Group chairmen Gary Newman and Dana Walden announced the third season pickup  at the network’s TCA presentation. The size of the order is expected  to be less than 22, but has yet to be confirmed. Empire produced 12 episodes in it's record breaking first season, in which ratings grew in every episode and 18 in Season two, which has seen some decline in ratings.

However, Empire remains as the No. 1 series on broadcast television among Adults 18-49, averaging a 7.3 Live+7  rating, and 21.2 million viewers across multiple platforms. The series also is the most tweeted-about scripted program on broadcast television.

At the most recent Golden Globe ceremony, Empire was the only broadcast network drama nominated in the best series category and star Taraji P. Henson won an award for best performance by an actress in a drama series. Empire also has received a Grammy Award nomination for its soundtrack.
Empire, which returns for the spring portion of its second season on March 30, stars Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Jussie Smollett, Bryshere “Yazz” Gray, Trai Byers, Grace Gealey, Kaitlin Doubleday, Gabourey Sidibe, Ta’Rhonda Jones and Serayah McNeill. Guest stars have included Chris Rock, Alicia Keys, Marisa Tomei, Naomi Campbell, Ludacris, Adam Rodriguez, Vivica A. Fox, Rosie O’ Donnell and Andre Royo.

Surprise Bitches! Scream Queens Renewed

By Gregory Robinson

Fox has given low rated and critically panned horror comedy Scream Queens a second season. The Ryan Murphy produced anthology series will take place in a hospital next season. The announcement was made at Fox's TCA meeting by chairmen and CEOs of FOX Television Group Dana Walden and Gary Newman who defended the arguably unexpected renewal by boasting about the show's ability to attract young audiences, which all the networks are vying for and is especially desired by Fox and the relatively large VOD audience. 44% of Scream Queen's audience watched the show on-demand, 30% watched live, 26% watched via DVR.

Fox has yet to announce which cast member swill return for the second season however, Jamie Lee Curtis is rumoured to be expected to anchor the second season. Most of the cast members have multi-year deals and are likely to return.

Disney Orders New Action Comedy Series 'MTX!'

Disney XD has given a series order to single-camera 1/2 hour comedy "MTX!". Production is set commence in Vancouver, BC in the spring and is currently slated to premiere this summer on the network.

"MTX!" centres on Ryan, Spyder, Harris and Mark - four high school students in their mid teens, who are ready to face the normal stresses and strains of life at Bay City High School. But their lives get thrown a wild left curve when they are selected to be the four-person team controlling MTX, a giant robot that is Bay City's first line of defence whenever its attacked by monsters (Power Rangers anyone?)

The series stars Nathaniel Potvin ("Girl Meets World", "Jessie"), Raymond Cham Jr. ("Teen Beach 2", "Shake It Up"), Karman Allahverdy ("Bella and the Bulldogs"), and Robbie Tucker ("Little Fockers"). The executive producers are Zach Lipovsky, Brian Hamilton, and Ian Hay.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Angie Tribeca - Review (TBS)

By Gregory Robinson
Rashida Jones previously starred on the NBC single-camera comedy series Parks & Recreation which also starred Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt. While Jones’ co-stars have decided to move onto the big screen, Jones has stayed relatively close to home. Angie Tribeca is a long-gestating single-camera cop spoof comedy in which Jones plays the titular role.

The series was created by Steve Carell and Nancy Wells Carell. The show aims to be a satire of police procedural shoes like CSI and NCIS. The show also stars Hayes MacArthur, Jere Burns, Deon Cole and Andree Vermeulen in supporting roles.

Angie Tribeca is not a complex show nor does it push any creative boundaries (at least, not like it thinks it does). Angie Tribeca thinks it is smarter than it actually is. However, if you like silly, irreverent humour filled with wacky physical comedy and broad jokes, this is the perfect show for you. While I have never found Jones to be hilarious, she has enough charm and wit to carry the show which makes for a fun half-hour.

UPDATE: Angie Tribeca will premiere on 28 April on E4.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

F Is For Family is Brutally Honest...

By Gregory Robinson

Some people enjoy sitcoms which whisk them away from their daily struggles whereas others like raw sitcoms, which find humour in the struggles of life.

F is for Family is certainly the latter, but is by no means a gloomy show. Frank is a disillusioned, quick to anger, short-tempered, Korean War veteran, father of three. He is prone to angry, profanity laden rants. Despite referring to his children as “animals”, Frank does indeed care deeply for his family. He works as a baggage handler at the local Mohican Airlines, and is promoted to management after his boss dies on the job.

F is For Family flourishes when it deviates from the regular mould of the family sitcom. You know the ones where every episode ends happily and the audience taught a lesson about how to live like the perfect sitcom family. The melancholic tone of the show, which reaps with angst and tough love is what makes F is For Family great. While the first episode is a slightly shaky at times as the relatively short six episode season draws to a close, it becomes clear F is For Family is a show with a lot of life in it, and has the potential to become one of the most intriguing, funny and realistic animated family comedies airing right now. The show was created by Bill Burr (who also voices the main character Frank) and The Simpsons alum Michael Price. F is For Family's dedication to developing its characters through witty and multi-layered plots echo the tone of early Simpsons episodes we all mourn.

While the vast majority of animated comedies centred around families are sprouted from the Fox Network, and even more are spewed by Seth Macfarlane, the dark albeit crude humour and the unique pacing and development of characters is a breath of fresh air into the genre. The toxic yet loving relationship between the show's kids; Kevin, Maureen and Bill is fun to watch. The second episode, "Saturday Bloody Saturday" is simply splendid as it shows the father-son relationship between Frank and Kevin after Kevin takes a job for the day at his Father's airport baggage station. The episode ends with a familiar realness which is ultimately a  brutally honest depiction of working life.

I am puzzled as to why there aren't more animated family comedies which push the content of their plots to the limits. Continuity is another interesting albeit under appreciated aspect of animated comedy, and it would be fairly easy to overlook it within Family. Whether it's --- history assignments and the possibility of flunking out of school, or --- burning an entire forest down partly due to a Halloween bully, the continuity gives the show a sense of realism.

One of best aspects of the show is it just so "happens to be set in the 1970s". It's not a period tribute show like the The Goldbergs. The shows closest sibling would be That 70s Show, not just based on the fact both shows take place within the 70s, but the characters of Red and Frank and --- and Kitty often mirror each other. The animation is slick the voice acting is great and realistic and most of all the writing is superb and painfully honest. There may never have been a more honest portrayal of a dysfunctional suburban family, which conveys the combatting love and frustration daily life entails. 

UPDATE: F Is For Family has been renewed for a 10 episode second season!!!

Bordertown is Bad. But It Didn't Have To Be...

Bordertown is a new animated Fox comedy which follows two families living in a Southwest desert town on the United States-Mexico border and how these two families inevitably cross and are bound by friendship and conflict. In the pilot episode, "The Engagement", border patrol officer Bud Buckwald is furious when he learns that his daughter Becky is engaged to Ernesto Gonzalez's nephew J.C. He is soon delighted when an anti-immigration law is passed that leads to J.C.'s deportation.

Firstly, Bordertown is a fantastic idea for a sitcom based on the news stories surrounding immigration in the United States. Television Network executives love to introduce a sense of realism by exploring topical issues to their programming, especially within a TV landscape which is flooded with hundreds of new series each year. If one series, such as Bordertown, manages to ruffle a few feathers and create discussion amongst the media and the general public, the jobs of the executives are secured at least for another season.

In many ways, comedy thrives on realism and conflict and there's nothing better than a comedy which aims to critique on society while evoking hilarious cutting political satire. Bordetown is possibly the most real comedy on television today which millions of people in America have an opinion on. Mexican immigration. Donald Trump is a constant fixture on the news regarding his controversial comments regarding Mexican immigration, and he even proposed to build a wall along the Mexican border if he succeeds in becoming president of the United States (A border wall also happens to be the theme of Bordertown's second episode). It's hard not to think of Donald Trump when watching Bordertown, even though the show was created years before Trump announced his candidacy for president. In fact, Bordertown was given a straight-to-series order in November 2013, and was held back for an entire season before finally premiering in January 2016. The coincidence of Mexican immigration topic gaining worldwide interested as well as the development of an animated sitcom which was manifested from the same team behind one of the most controversial animated sitcoms of all time, Family Guy, one would think Bordertown would be a must-see TV series

But if the first is anything to go by, you may as well not bother tuning in. If you're expecting smart, sharp political satire about immigration, Bordertown is certainly not the place to start your search. There are many aspects within the show which makes Bordertown bad. Whether it's the Archie Bunker type-politically incorrect father figure, Bud Buckwald, whose racist jokes are neither clever or humorous, the West Side Story-type interracial relationship between Becky and J.C. who also happen to be from feuding families (don't expect any enchanting musical numbers here) or the redneck Honey Boo-Boo inspired Gert who, you guessed, has a pet pig called Sprinkles.

Bordertown is plagued with the all the quintessential gross humour which is a typical feature of Seth Macfarlane's work. Although Bordertown was created by Family Guy alum Mark Hentemann, MacFarlane's style and humour is rife. If Bordertown was in the hands of a writer who knew how to satirise racial topics , like Nahnathka Khan (who also happens to have American Dad AKA MacFarlane's best show as a writing credit) successfully did in her hit show Fresh off the boat It's hard not to cringe at the unused/unwanted family guy jokes which are all too evident in Borderown. In fact, it makes one wonder why Bordetown isn't simply a Family Guy episode rather than a complete series which is expected to produce comical episodes for the foreseeable future.

Due to its premise, Bordertown will always be surrounded with controversy and discussion regarding whether the topic is suitable for a primetime animated comedy series. While touchy subjects can be inappropriate for comedy, Bordertown's biggest crime is its poor execution of a concept which surely could have led to unorthodox humour.