Thursday, 14 January 2016

Angie Tribeca - Review (TBS)

By Gregory Robinson
Rashida Jones previously starred on the NBC single-camera comedy series Parks & Recreation which also starred Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt. While Jones’ co-stars have decided to move onto the big screen, Jones has stayed relatively close to home. Angie Tribeca is a long-gestating single-camera cop spoof comedy in which Jones plays the titular role.

The series was created by Steve Carell and Nancy Wells Carell. The show aims to be a satire of police procedural shoes like CSI and NCIS. The show also stars Hayes MacArthur, Jere Burns, Deon Cole and Andree Vermeulen in supporting roles.

Angie Tribeca is not a complex show nor does it push any creative boundaries (at least, not like it thinks it does). Angie Tribeca thinks it is smarter than it actually is. However, if you like silly, irreverent humour filled with wacky physical comedy and broad jokes, this is the perfect show for you. While I have never found Jones to be hilarious, she has enough charm and wit to carry the show which makes for a fun half-hour.

UPDATE: Angie Tribeca will premiere on 28 April on E4.

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