Monday, 9 May 2016

The End of Pilot Season... PILOT BUZZ!

This week marks the end of Pilot Season 2016! However, this week is not all about celebrations. Television executives will be making important decisions regarding which pilots will be picked up to series for the 2016-17 season. Furthermore, many bubble shows will begin to receive news of their fate; whether they will continue into next season, or be cancelled. For all TV fans, the next two weeks will be a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and possibly sadness.

Let's all impatiently wait for the new trailers, schedules, pickups and cancellations to ensue into next week!


ABC'S HOT DRAMA PILOTS: Conviction, Presence, The Jury, The Death of Eva Valdez, Marvel's Most Wanted

ABC'S HOT COMEDY PILOTS: Dream Team (would be great with Modern Family), Speechless (possibly as a digital series), Downward Dog (maybe to offbeat for the network), The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport (has an irreverent and satirical ABC comedy like this lasted more than three seasons? ABC are known for their polarising titles which may turn some viewers away) , Chunk & Bean (this sounds like a classic family comedy).

Gregory's Thoughts: ABC is looking to pick up four new dramas and up to six new comedies, which seems like a staggering amount considering the lack of slots they will have for next season. In terms of comedy, with Fresh off the Boat, The Middle, Modern Family, The Goldbergs and Black-Ish all returning, while Last Man Standing is said to be facing cancellation, ABC could place a new family comedy on Fridays, move The Middle to Tuesdays and air a new comedy on Wednesdays. The Real o'Neals is currently on the bubble with insiders implying it could go either way. The show is owned by ABC although its ratings aren't great, it may have a chance at being renewed. ABC could order a mid-season comedy to replace the o'Neals just in case it's possible second season flops. That makes three new shows, add in two/three mid-season comedies, ABC could very well order up to six.

Sources are also saying ABC may either order John Ridley's new show Presence instead of American Crime although I would prefer American Crime be renewed. Many of the dramas happen to be legal or political which is a direction ABC is interesting in going.


CBS' HOT DRAMA PILOTS: Bull, Bunker Hill, Training Day, Drew
CBS' HOT COMEDY PILOTS: I'm Not Your Friend, Superior Donuts, My Time/Your Time, Furst Born, The Kicker

Gregory's Thoughts

CBS will likely add the Dr Phil inspired pilot Bull to the schedule due to his popularity. Despite network TV's record with film inspired series, Training Day is also hot. On the comedy front, romantic comedy My Time/Your Time is hot while Superior Donuts is also a possibility despite a mixed reception. Some sources say it would be a good companion with 2 Broke Girls although others imply the shows a too similar. The Kicker is produced by Tina Fey so that's an obvious possibility. What about Greg Garcia's Real Good People? That sounds like a very relevant show although the network doesn't seem to like it that much...

The CW

CW HOT DRAMA PILOTS: Riverdale, Transylvania
CW HOT COMEDY PILOT: No Tomorrow (it's the only one)

Gregory's Thoughts

Riverdale is a sure thing due to it being produced by Greg Berlanti, being based on a famous Archie Comics series and it having high test results! The CW could also pair No Tomorrow with Jane The Virgin next season. Sources are also starting to imply Supergirl is likely to move to The CW next year which may explain the lack of buzz surrounding their other pilots.


FOX's HOT DRAMA PILOTS: The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon, Pitch, APB
FOX's HOT COMEDY PILOTS: Making History, The Mick.

Gregory's Thoughts

Making History and The Mick are the two most promising comedy pilots. Making History is a sure thing and may land on Sundays, possibly after The Simpsons. The Mick is also a strong possibility. Winning Ugly, the Chris Case interracial family comedy may score a series order. If it lands on the schedule, its theme may cause controversy.

Dan Fogelman's Pitch has been a frontrunner throughout pilot season although there were questions regarding whether it would fit the Fox brand. Despite the similarly movie-to-TV series Minority Report flopping, Fox may add The Exorcist and Lethal Weapon to their schedule next year.


NBC's HOT DRAMA PILOTS: Chicago Justice (obviously), The Blacklist spinoff (obviously), Timeless,  This Is Us, Midnight Texas
NBC's HOT COMEDY PILOTS: Marlon, Powerless (obviously), Trail & Error,  Untitled Tracey  Wigfield Comedy

Gregory's Thoughts

NBC have started to show a pulse of improvement on their schedule. They are said to be high on many of their drama pilots show a bulk order on this weekend won't be too surprising. Chicago Fire and The Blacklist spin off shows are almost sure bets. NBC also want to have a prime time soap and Cruel Intentions may be just that.

On the comedy side, DC comics themed Powerless starring Vanessa Hudgens is a hot. It could pair well with Superstore which has been renewed for a second season. NBC would probably pair Marlon with The Carmichael Show, and after dumping Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to Netflix, I wouldn't be surprised if they order Tina Fey's Tracey Wigfield Comedy and Matt Hubbard's interracial family comedy for next season

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