Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Musical Vampires are in Vogue on Disney Channel...

Disney Channel certainly knows their audience.

What do you get when you mix Hot guys + vampires + boy bands? You get Disney Channel’s newest comedy pilot! Forever Boys follows the tale of three brothers – played by Liam Attridge, Rick Garcia and Emery Keller who all happen to be members of the band Forever In Your Mind – who were turned into vampires in the year 1957 (which was when teen pop culture and boy bands began to win the hearts of teen girls across the nation). Cut to the present day where a music producer convinces the trio to emerge from the shadows and aspire to rock n’ roll super stardom. Luckily for the boys, they are vampires and thus have not aged meaning they still have their good looks (and music ability of course).

Production on the plot begins in September for a potential 2017 series premiere only on Disney Channel.

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