Saturday, 31 December 2016

Biggest Stories of the Year

2016 has mostly been a tame and boring year (lol), but here on my blog, things have been POPPING OFF!

This year my blog reached over 10.5k views from readers from the UK, USA, Canada, Russia, France and many other countries. Numerous articles this year have also reached over 100 views each meaning you all must be enjoying the world of TV and film as much as I have this year. Thank you for all the support and let's all hope 2017 continues the fantastic path 2016 set us on. 

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

All the details regarding the upcoming season of Power Rangers!

Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson reunited on this red-state set Netflix comedy!

Everyone seemed to have a very strong opinion about this Superhero team up movie...

...Everyone also had a lot to say about DC's super villain team up blockbuster.

The world's favourite time travel epic returned for a second season of amazing episodes this year!

The second season of HTGAWM ended with a BANG.

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