Friday, 2 December 2016

Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger: 2017 Sentai Revealed

Kyuuranger will be based on constellations

Red - Leo
Blue - Lupus
Yellow - Dorado
Green - Chameleon 
Black - Taurus
Pink - Aquila
Orange - Scorpio
Gold - Libra
Silver - Ophiuchus

The KyuTama is inserted into the SeizaBlaster (the arm brace) and act like joysticks. The ranger's base is called the ShishiVoyager. The Kyu weapons will be as follows:

ShishiRed - KyuSword
SasoriOrange - KyuSpear
OokamiBlue - KyuClaw
TenbinGold - KyuCrossbow
OushiBlack - KyuAxe
HebitsukaiSilver - KyuSickle
ChameleonGreen - KyuRapier
WashiPink - KyuShot
KajikiYellow - KyuSlasher

The collectable merchandise for the series will be in the form of spheres called Kyutama. There will be 9 main heroes on the team whom are all based on planetary constellations: ShishiRed (lion), OokamiBlue (Wolf), KaijikiYellow (Swordfish), ChameleonGreen (Chameleon), WashiPink (Eagle), OushiBlack (Taurus), SasoriOrange (Scorpion), TenbinGold (Libra), HebitsukaiSilver (Ophiuchus).

Each ranger will have a corresponding Kyutamas with more to be collected including Ike Kujira (Whale), Kenbinyuku (Microscope), Ryoken (Hound), Andromeda and Perseus.

Furthermore, each ranger will have a sidearm called Seiza (Constellation) Blaster and Weapons like Kyu Sword and Kyu Axe and Kyu Sphere

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