Saturday, 28 January 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel | Forged In Steel

The second episode of Ninja Steel introduced us to Calvin and Hayley as the Yellow and White rangers as well as the rangers' zords.
The episode starts with Hayley and Calvin stranded in the middle of nowhere as the latter's truck as broken down. As they are preparing to go, parts from a space ship crash land on their path and they meet Mick whom they take under their wing after a nasty battle. 

The opening scene was quite good in welcoming these characters into the events of the series as well as establishing their relationship; they are dating in case Hayley's very obvious declaration within the first twenty seconds of the episode went over your head. 

Meanwhile, Brody, Sarah and Preston travel to Brody's old house to try and find his brother Aiden. Yes, they thought Aiden would be hanging around the house 10 years after his brother his abducted by aliens from the same place. Eventually the rangers all meet up, defeat the monster, the monster grows and the rangers gain some new albeit randomly strange zords to defeat it once again. All is pretty much standard Ranger fare one would expect in the first few episodes. What sets this episode apart from others are the cringe worthy lines uttered by the rangers as they take it upon themselves to name their zords.

Brody: "You look like Redbot! Robo zord!Sarah: "This train is so fast! Zoom Zord!"Hayley: "It's like my dog Cody! Kodiak Zord!

I understand this is a children's show and aimed at a young audience but come one, we need some creativity and thought in the show. The rangers’ personal items (Brody's Redbot, Hayley’s dog Cody, Calvin’s Truck, Sarah’s hover board, Preston’s unseen but totally plausible pet lizard) don’t transform into the rangers' zords. This is a huge missed opportunity to add an extra sprinkle of cool factor onto the zords and thus the toys the show is trying to sell. It defeats the hiding in plain sight motif for ninjas. Though, Ninninger’s motif was ninja’s who chose not to hide, Either way, they could have followed the latter motif  (because the zords would also always be present in some form).

"Forged In Steel" was a direct continuation to the rather underwhelming first episode which had its good moments and showed potential, ultimately left me feeling unsatisfied. Towards the end of this episode, the strength started to wane although I remain optimistic for the next few episodes to truly gauge where this show will take us next.

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