Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Catch Switches Lanes in Season 2

The auspices behind The Catch revealed they will be changing the tone and format of the show. This seems to be a common trope in the world of television in which creators and writers change what they have already established in a show's first season in order to try and make the show better. However, for The Catch this is an uphill battle. It seems as though the already mediocre show will be taking its less than stellar elements, such as the so-called "romance" and  "comedy" and making them even more prominent. 

In the season one finale Peter Krause's con man character Benjamin Jones expressed his love for his former fiance and private investigator Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos). Benjamin turned himself into the feds so that Alice would not be arrested. In the trailer for season two, Benjamin is sprung from prison on the condition he handles some even tougher con artists, all while having a good ol' romp with Alice as you do. 

The Catch operated like the other Shondaland shows Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder in which it developed the main story of the characters (the A plot) while having a procedural or "case of the week" as the B plot. Executive producer Allan Heinberg announced the case of the week for Alice's PI firm will be dropped because it was "really challenging" for the writers to keep up with. He said 'They became hard to break every week and took an enormous amount of real estate in the script. These cases weren’t allowing me to get to know the characters as well as I wanted. AVI only will do cases that explore (Benjamin and Alice’s) backstories and relationship.'

One of my initial criticisms of The Catch was it was too light and fluffy. We have come to expect darker, explosive and sexier exploits from Shondaland shows and The Catch failed to live up to its main selling point. We the audience had been duped! However, Heinberg claimed the show will now be approached as a "romantic comedy". He revealed he originally pitched the show to ABC when he took over as the EP as being a lighter addition to TGIF. He said "looking back at season one, it's really a romantic comedy at its heart". 

After watching the first season I think it is is safe to say The Catch was neither romantic or comedic. It was a disappointment which failed to live up to it's full potential. Any semblance of hope I once had for the show was completely thrown out of the window when Krause declared "it's like Scooby-Doo for adults. Adult Scooby Doo sex farce. In the age of Hollywood attempting to make network TV darker and more sinister, the one show that would benefit from having a darker and more mysterious tone will now be veering off track to the point of no return.

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