Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Mick | Review (Fox)

After  cancelling the low rated sitcoms Grandfathered and The Grinder, Fox is adding The Mick to their mid-season Tuesday schedule. Up to this point, Fox have yet to find a hit comedy for Tuesdays; New Girl has declined sharply, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has never been a ratings hit and The Mindy Project was cancelled. Will The Mick turn things around for Fox? 

The Mick follows a Rhode Island woman who is about to take on the responsibility of parental guardian for her very wealthy – and estranged – sister’s children in Greenwich, Connecticut, this is after the latter and her husband have to flee the United States after they are arrested for federal fraud charges. Kaitlin Olson plays the central role of bad girl Mackenzie Murphy who is bestowed with the responsibility of taking care of her sister’s rich and bratty kids. 

The Mick is a funny pilot which creates quite a few cute and witty  moments although there aren’t any ROFL scenes at the moment. Much of the show’s funny moments come from the interactions between Olson’s Mackenzie and the Latina maid Alba Pemberton played by Carla Jimenez. Considering the current political situation in the US, having such a prominent Mexican maid character in the show is either comic gold or very risky in a post-Trump-Election America.

At times, the pilot plays out as a toned down, less quirky version Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, mostly due to the nanny/rich kids combo evident in both shows which, of course, is nothing new or original. The show will have to fight its way out of this seasons clutter by focusing on humour rather than a flashy high concept in order to survive.

The Mick premieres Sunday 1st January 2017 on Fox.

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