Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Middle is ABC's Most Underrated Success Story

The Middle has been a comedy staple on ABC's schedule ever since it premiered in 2009 alongside Modern Family. While the latter went on to win countless Emmys and become a worldwide phenomenon, the former has never received an ounce of the same recognition or the recognition it's fans say it deserves.
ABC renewed the comedy for a colossal ninth season yesterday, a feat few shows manage to reach. Ironically, whilst many people know what Modern Family is, even if they have not seen an episode or are not fans of the show (like your's truly) most people are unaware of The Middle's existence. Even though the family sitcom is not one of my favourites, it is a pleasant show to watch now and again, with a strong cast and even stronger characters. When I have jumped in and out of the show it is clear the writing has remained consistent, as well as the writing of the characters which, again, is not an easy feat. The writers have managed to develop the idiosyncrasies of the Heck children for eight (and now nine!) seasons and hopefully many more to come.

Why has the show managed to stay true to its premise for so long with so many factors against it?

1. The show only really has two huge stars - Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn which means the network does not have too many high salaries to pay.

2. The kids on the show have not aged much .

3. The writers managed to make the two eldest children (Sue and Axl) moving to college work.

4. The show was picked up after it's original pilot (starring Rikki Lake) was passed on by ABC - the writers managed to fix the kinks before the show went on air.

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