Monday, 9 January 2017

This Is Us | The Pool

Towards the end of the Christmas break I decided to catch up with NBC's hit series This Is Us.
The episode which stood out to me the most was 'The Pool' which managed to deal with a whole range of issues and topics such as weight and race. In the flashback portions of the episode, the Pearsons visit a community pool in which they meet judgemental people. One of the most poignant scenes involves Rebecca being schooled by a black mother on how to take care of Randall's hair. The two initially come to blows but Rebecca realises she needs the enlightenment. No mother likes other mothers, or other people in fact, to delve into and critique their parenting techniques but This Is Us sheds light on a subject which many adoptive parents, especially those who adopt children from another race or culture feel. They wish to make their adopted children feel at home and welcome in their family and household by also acknowledging their cultural differences but sometimes this can be a difficult feat. 

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