Sunday, 5 February 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel | Live and Learn

The third episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel is a run of the mill team work episode. The theme of team work is key to a show like Power Rangers and the theme often comes up fairly early in a season's run when the team are getting used to being Power Rangers. In "Live and Learn", Brody must learn to depend less on his datacom and more on his newfound friends. The episode also tried to deal with the theme of cheating but actually seemed to attempt to be a social commentary on how obsessed our generation are with technology. 

The episode was mostly solid despite far too many examples of the writers inability to write convincingly for teenage characters.
The cast are often reduced to speaking down to their audience, rather than to them, which seemed to be even more evident in "Live and Learn" which spent much of the episode with the rangers in school. I don't think its a case of the actors being bad, but more to do with the lines they are given and the way they are told to say them.

Furthermore, Brody's character is quite bland for a focal character. Whilst the show has only aired three episodes (which means there is a lot of room for improvement) Brody is seriously lacking. Also, the game show aspect (which was a major part of the press releases for the show) is useless (so far) and does not add much to the story at all. 

Final Thought: If there was any doubt about who the ranger's mentor is, Mick is certainly the right answer!

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