Sunday, 14 May 2017

New Girl Will Soon Be Gone, Girl: UPDATE

Fox finally reNEWed New Girl for a seventh season although the seventh season is set to be its last. The future was not looking too bright as networks began to announce which shows would be renewed and which ones would be cancelled, news on New Girl was quiet.
When New Girl debuted in September 2011, it became a huge ratings smash and a cultural phenomenon, garnering a large dedicated cult fan base around the world. The show's commercial (and critical) success and cooled off quite a bit in recent years, and as ratings continued to fall to new lows during its recent season, the producers managed to fill the season six finale with enough closure to fulfil fans in the event of Fox cancelling the show.

Leading into the the final 8 episodes for the new season, Jess and Nick will be rekindling their romance, Cece and Schmidt will be expecting their first child and Winston will be gearing up to meet his father. Though 8 episodes is a very small episode order, especially for a show which has produced 22-25 episodes per season, it will ensure all story lines are wrapped out nicely without being drawn out. Other recently ended shows, like Fox's Bones (which starred Emily Deschanel, Zoey Descanel's sister) wrapped with 12 episodes. 

Personally, I used to be a big fan of the show during its first 2-3 seasons though my attention quickly turned to its former companion The Mindy Project which improved over time whilst New Girl's ensemble/flatmate setup became quite repetitive and predictable. However, I have mostly kept up with the show and watched a few episodes here and there and will be genuinely sad to see the show go. On the other hand, I'm happy Fox gave Liz Meriwether the chance to say goodbye to the characters she created the way she intends to. Believe it or not, this is a very rare feat for a creator. 


Season 7 will take place 3 years after the Season 6 finale and will feature only 8 episodes. 

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