Monday, 12 June 2017

Hail Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman is the superhero film I’ve been waiting for! Ever since I became a fan of the animated Justice League series as a child, Wonder Woman became the hero who interested me the most.

This year has a been a great time for increasing diversity in superhero films from Power Rangers, which featured two ethnically diverse female superheroes and one LGBTQ ranger to Wonder Woman headlining her own summer blockbuster. Wonder Woman is part of the DC Extended Cinematic universe which got off to a shaky start with Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad which were all trashed by critics and received a lukewarm reception from audiences. Whilst Wonder Woman has been rightfully hailed as the great movie it is, I will ignore critical opinions for this review. 

Wonder Woman is a fantastic, visually stimulating, thrilling and heart-warming adventure about Diana's journey to becoming a warrior. The movie has a somewhat fairytale quality to its style and storytelling during the early scenes which show Diana in Themyscria, which resembles Disney’s Moana, another great coming-of-age, female led adventure tale. 

Wonder Woman is always exciting; whether its seeing Diana fighting in the streets of London to even the scenes in which the characters are discussing their plans of action (something Marvel could implement in their films) which makes the movie feel as though it is moving at quite a fast pace despite its long running time. 

The chemistry between Diana (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) bolsters all of their scenes together from awkward interactions (the bath scene) to the hilarity which ensues on the boat to when they share the battle field. Personally, one of my favourite aspects of Wonder Woman (as well as the first Captain America film) is period recreation. Wonder Woman transports contemporary audiences to the dark and grim world of 1918 London which is always a treat to see on screen.  

Wonder Woman is a thrilling adventure which places a physically and morally strong female at the centre of the story. This is the type of superhero blockbuster the world needs right now. In many ways Wonder Woman feels like a new beginning; not only for the superhero genre but also female led blockbusters (both in front and behind the camera).

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