Sunday, 9 July 2017

Final Thoughts Regarding The Carmichael Show

On June 30 2017, the day the contracts with all Carmichael Show cast members came to end, NBC cancelled the series. The decision was not  surprise as the show never managed to find an audience after being on the network for three seasons.

Despite the multi-camera comedy tackling topical issues such as shootings, Black Lives Matter and racism, the show failed to capture the attention of American audiences the same way it caught the attention of critics. The Carmichael Show was a solid sitcom though the short seasons paired with the constant topically themed episodes at times made the show feel gimmicky. I have always appreciated sitcoms which tackle real world/political issues but it is imperative sitcoms maintain their function - to be situational comedies! The Carmichael Show failed to develop its central characters to be more than mediums of contrasting political and societal opinions. Yes, it was interesting and at times funny to see the family argue in their living rooms about Trump and Gender roles, but the show forgot to actually let audiences feel like the Carmichael's were a family. Though I do complain about filler episodes, especially when they're done badly, sometimes they are necessary to help audiences build a better picture of who the sitcom family are and why they act or see the world in that particular way. Ultimately, the show (including its writing, directing and characters) lacked charisma.

On a side note, prior to the official cancellation of the series, Jerrod Carmichael (the co-creator and main star of the series) announced he was quitting his own show. This revelation did not make sense to me at all. Why would Carmichael quit the show he spoke so passionately about and which was in development for such a long time. It seemed like Carmichael was trying to sooth his ego by making his show's cancellation appear to be his own decision to end the show...

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