Friday, 28 July 2017

The Mindy Project FINAL SEASON Tea

The Mindy Project is coming to an end! The sixth and final season is due to premiere on Hulu on September 12th. While we wait for the final serving of episodes, Mindy Kaling spilled some tea on what to expect as we prepare to say goodbye to Mindy Lahiri...

Chris Messina (Danny) will return for multiple episodes for the final season. Danny is the father of Mindy (Lahiri's) child and her former fiance and used to be a regular character, until season 4. Both Mindy and Danny are married to new people It definitely felt weird not having Danny around last season so I'm glad he'll be back in some capacity. Unfortunately, it does not seem as though Mindy and Danny will ever get back together or have a  "rom-com" style happy ending.

Mindy got married to Ben (Brian Greenberg) at the end of season 5 and is now the step-mother to his daughter! Mindy's new family dynamic will be a key theme explored during the final episodes of the show.

The final season will consist of only 10 episodes, though the shorter episode order will likely ensure a strong final hurrah to Mindy Lahiri and friends.

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