Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Fox May Revive 'King of the Hill'

Here we go again! Fox is looking to revive another show from their catalogue, this time another animated show.
Over a decade has passed since Fox revived Family Guy after they cancelled the show after three seasons, but now King of the Hill, which ended in 2009, could be making its way back to the airwaves. 

Fox Television Group Chairman Dana Walden said at the network's TCA meeting today (8/8/2017) that she had begun preliminary talks with series creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge to potentially bring the show back. Reviving dead shows is a trend amongst TV networks, especially at Fox which has revived 24, Prison Break and The X-Files in recent years. 

King of the Hill aired for 13 seasons and more than 250 episodes from 1997-2009 and was named by Time magazine as one of the greatest television shows of all time. King of the Hill was also Fox's first animated hit show following The Simpsons (1989 - Present) and preceding Family Guy (1999 - Present)  by two years. 

The show was cancelled to make way for the now cancelled animated sitcom The Cleveland Show (2009 - 2013) and the critically acclaimed animated sitcom Bob's Burgers (2011 - Present) was described by the spiritual successor to King of the Hill, which carried less emphasis on shock comedy (like Family Guy or American Dad) and focused more on character driven humour. Bob's Burgers executive producer Jim Dauterive worked on King of the Hill for nearly its entire run. Hopefully, King of the Hill's possible return does not mean Fox are planning on cancelling Bob's Burgers

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