Saturday, 5 August 2017

Jay-Z Pays Tribute to Friends with an All Black Cast!

The world's favourite cheating rapper Jay-Z released a new music video (nobody can watch because, you guessed it, its a Tidal exclusive) which pays tribute to the iconic sitcom Friends.
The clip was directed by Alan Yang (Master of None) and features entirely black actors. Basically, the video is a tribute to LIVING SINGLE, the underrated Queen Latifah sitcom from 1993 which followed the lives of six friends living in an apartment in New York. Sound familiar? 

Whilst on the subject of Living Single, Queen Latifah stated she is in the process of rebooting the sitcom, which originally aired on Fox alongside Martin. It is unclear whether the new version of Living Single will be a continuation of the original character's story lines or if it will be a traditional reboot. Fox are currently obsessed with reviving their old shows; from the super successful ones like The X-Files to the more moderate hits like Prison Break, and even dating back to Family Guy, which works in Living Single's favour. 

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