Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Live-Action Mulan Removed From Disney's Slate of Releases

Be afraid. The highly live action remake of the Disney classic Mulan has been removed from their slate of upcoming releases.
The film, which has yet to complete casting or begin production, was originally scheduled to be released on November 2 2018. The date is now occupied by some random film about a Nutcracker. I was worried this would happen. Due to post-production being a lengthy process, and the lead role not even being cast relatively close to the release date, it seemed unlikely the film would be ready on time. Sources say Mulan will be released in 2019 (possible November 8 or December 20). The last major news we heard about the film was from director Niki Caro who claimed the film may not be a musical, unlike the 1998 animated original.

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